IIFT 2009 Question Paper


Answer the questions based on the following graphs

Question 1

Which of the following year exhibited highest percentage decrease over the preceding year in the automobile production?

Question 2

Assume whatever that is not sold domestically was exported, then which year has registered highest growth in exports of automobiles?

Question 3

If the ratio of the domestic sale price of a commercial vehicle, a passenger vehicle, and a three wheeler is 5 : 3 : 2 then what percent of earnings (approximately) is contributed by commercial vehicle segment to the overall earnings from domestic sales during the period 2004-2008?

Question 4

For which year were the domestic sales of automobiles closest to the average (2004-2008) domestic sales of automobiles?

Question 5

Which of the following years exhibited highest percentage increase over the preceding year in the automobile sales?

Question 6

The ratio between absolute increase in domestic sales over preceding year and absolute increase in production over the preceding year is highest during which year?


Answer the questions based on the following information.

The table below gives the details of money allocation by three Mutual funds namely, Alpha, Beta, and Gama. The return for each fund depends on the money they allocate to different sectors and the returns generated by the sectors. The last column of the table gives return for each of the sectors for a one year period.

Question 7

Which fund has received more return per rupee of investment for one year period?

Question 8

If the allocation of money by the fund managers to different sectors is based on the internal ranking (i.e. Sector with 1st rank gets highest allocation). Sectors with 0 allocation of money should be considered as 14th rank irrespective of the number of sectors in that category. In the light of these examine the following
I. Automobile is ranked by both Alpha and Beta as same
II. Financial is most favoured by all three Mutual Funds
III. Services is ranked by all three Mutual Funds within top 9 ranks
Select the best option:

Question 9

Ms. Hema invested Rs. 10.00 lakhs in fund Gama in the beginning of the period. What will be the value of the investment at the end of 1 year period?


Answer the questions based on the following Table

Question 10

What is the ratio between Jowar yield (2007) and Soyabean yield (2008)?

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