IIFT 2009 Question Paper


Answer the questions based on the following Table

Question 11

Top 3 crops by yield in the year 2006 are:

Question 12

Bottom 3 crops by yield in the year 2008 are:

Question 13

Examine the following statements:
I. Total productivity of pulses has gone down over the years
II. Maize is the most stable cereal in terms of productivity over the years
III. Percentage growth in area and quantity of production is highest in the case of Jowar during the entrie period.
Select the best option:

Question 14

Examine the following statements:
I. Over the period total cereal productivity has gone up
II. Area, Production and yield of the total oil seeds is on decline
III. Though there is a decline in the area under Urd production but the quantity of production and yield has gone up over the years.
Select the best option:


Study the following carefully and answer the questions.

Question 15

During which year the Oil used for House Hold as a percentage of Total Oil Used is highest?

Question 16

During which year the ‘Oil Production Loss’ as a proportion of ‘Total Oil Produced’ is the lowest?

Question 17

During which year use of oil by ‘Suburban’ as a proportion of ‘Total Oil Used’ was the highest?

Question 18

For how many number of years the growth rate in ‘Production of Oil’ is more than the growth rate in ‘Total Oil Used’?

Question 19

Which of the below statements are true, based on the data in the above table?


Study the followin information carefully and answer the questions.

Four houses Blue, Green, Red and Yellow are located in a row in the given order. Each of the houses is occupied by a person earning a fixed amount of a salary. The four persons are Paul, Krishna, Laxman, and Som.

Read the following instruction carefully:
I. Paul lives between Som and Krishna
II. Laxman does not stay in Blue house
III. The person living in Red house earns more than that of person living in Blue
IV. Salary of Som is more than that of Paul but lesser than that of Krishna
V. One of the person earns Rs. 80, 000
VI. The person earning Rs. 110,000 is not Laxman
VII. The salary difference between Laxman and Son is Rs. 30,000
VIII. The House in which Krishna lives is located between houses with persons earning salaries of Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 50,000
IX. Krishna does not live in Yellow house, and the person living in yellow house is not earning lowest salary among the four persons.

Question 20

Who lives in Red house?

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