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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Given: Anuj takes 1 day to complete a job. Bharat takes twice the time as Anuj to complete the same job. Chetan takes twice the time as Bharat to complete that job. Dhiraj takes twice the time as Chetan to complete that job.

(A) Chetan and Dhiraj will take 8/3 days to complete the work
(B) The second fastest pair to complete the work is Anuj and Dhiraj
(C) The second slowest pair to complete the work is Bharat and Dhiraj
(D) Bharat and Dhiraj will take 4/3 days to complete the work

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Question 2

How many ten-digit numbers can be formed using all the digits of 2435753228 such that odd digits appear only in even places?

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Question 3

Given below are two statements
Statement I : $$(543)_6$$ is equivalent to $$(317)_8$$
Statement II : The last 4 bits in the binary representation of a multiple of 16 is 1000.
In light of the above statements, choose the correct answer from the options given below

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Question 4

During the next year, the probability that a Company A releases a mobile is 0.7. The probability that mobile is a success. given that it is released by the Company is 0.8. The probability that a mobile is a success and released by a Company B is 0.28. A mobile released by either Company A or Company B during the next one year is a success. Find the probability that it is released by Company A.

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Question 5

If a is $$\frac{3}{2}$$ times of b, b is $$\frac{3}{4}$$th of c and d is $$\frac{1}{4}$$th of c, the ratio of a and d is

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Question 6

Pipe X can fill a tank in 12 hours and pipe Y can empty the tank in 18 hours. Both pipes are opened at 8 am and after some time Y is closed, and the tank is full at 10 pm on the same day. At what time was pipe Y closed?

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Question 7

The price of an apple is twice that of an orange. The price of an orange is thrice that of a banana.If the price of an apple increases by 10%, price of an orange increases by 30% and the price of a banana increases by 20%. Find the percentage increase in the price of 20 apples, 20 oranges and 20 bananas.

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Question 8

The difference between the compound interest and simple interest for two years on a certain sum at a certain rate of interest is Rs. 64. The compound interest for two years is Rs. 704. The principal is

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Question 9

A vessel has 500 litres of milk. 50 litres of milk is replaced with 50 litres of water in this vessel. If this operation is repeated another 2 more times, whatis the percentage of milk in the vessel at the end?

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Question 10

A started a business with Rs. 50000. After three months, B joins with an investment of Rs. 60000 and A withdraws Rs. 10000 out of his capital. Three months later, B brought in Rs. 20000 more. At the end of the year, what should be the ratio in which they A and B share the profits?

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