CMAT 2018 Slot 1 Question Paper


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 21

Two balls were bought for Rs. 37.40 at a discount of 15%. What must be the marked price of each of the ball?

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Question 22

Find the value of a, if:


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Question 23

From a jar of wine containing 32 litres, 4 litres is drawn out, and the jar is filled up with water. If the same proportion of wine is further drawn out two more times, what proportion of wine to water will be there in the resulting mixture?

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Question 24

The geometric mean proportion between  $$30 + \sqrt200$$ and $$54 - \sqrt648$$ is:

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Question 25

Anil is twice as good a student as Bharat and is able to finish a work in 30 minutes less than Bharat’s time. Find the time in which both of them can finish the same work together?

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Question 26

The river flows from west to east and on the way then turns left. After going some distance it encounters a hill. It goes around the hill counter-clockwise in a quarter circle, and then turns right. In which direction is the river finally following?

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Question 27

Based on the statement given below which of the following option is correct:-
Whenever Preeti’s father is in town, she abstains from school and goes to her aunt’s house.

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Question 28

Four friends, namely, Liyaqat, Lillian, Lima and Lalit are sitting on a horizontally placed wooden bench, all looking towards the same direction.
There is at least one person sitting between Lillian and Lima;
Liyaqat is towards the right of Lima but not towards the right of Lalit;
Lalit is seated immediately next to Lillian; &
Lima is seated at one of the extreme corners of the bench.

Which of the following is definitely true?

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Question 29

Ali, Benu, Cutty and Dolly play four different games among Basketball, Cricket, Kabaddi and Hockey. Ali does not play Basketball or Cricket. Benu does not play Kabaddi or Hockey. Cutty plays Hockey and Dolly plays either Basketball or Hockey. Who plays cricket?

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Question 30

A National Highway road network has parallel and perpendicular roads running north south or east west only. Junctions/Intersections on this road network are marked as R1, R2, R3, R4… All roads are at exactly half a kilometer distance from each other. The following is known about junctions R1, R2, R3, R4, R8 and R24.
“R1’ is east of ‘R2’ and west of ‘R3’; ‘R8’ is southwest of ‘R3’ and southwest of R2. ‘R2’ is southeast of ‘R24’. Which junctions are the farthest south and the farthest  east?

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