CMAT 2018 Slot 1 Question Paper


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

A hash function guarantees integrity of a message. It guarantees that message has not been:-

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Question 82

Sections 299 to 377 of Indian Penal Code are:-

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Question 83

Which of the following is true about Stand Up India Loan Scheme?

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Question 84

Google has introduced a unique feature that guides users through ‘shortcuts’ that are more easily accessible by:-

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Question 85

Who of the following has launched an e-commerce startup for farm equipment rental?

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Question 86

India has met goal of elimination of which of the following disease (as specified by World Health
Organization (WHO) under its GET2020)?

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Question 87

The three languages included in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution by the $$71^{st}$$ amendment are:-

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Question 88

Which of the following gas/es is/are used to disinfect water in sewage treatment facilities?

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Question 89

Which of the following is an election that is called earlier than expected?

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Question 90

After discovery of which of the following methods the date of the Harappan Civilization (2300-1750 BC) has been fixed?

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