CMAT 2018 Slot 1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 91

Which of the following about plants is correct?

Question 92

With reference to BrahMos, which of the following statements is/are correct?
1. It is a ramjet supersonic cruise missile being developed by BrahMos Aerospace, a joint venture between ISRO
of India and NPO Mashinostroeyenia (NPOM) of Russia.
2. It can be launched from submarines, ships, aircraft or land against ships and land-based targets.
3. India and Russia have agreed to double the range of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile follow ing India’s entry into the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR).
Select the correct answer using the code given below.

Question 93

With reference to ‘HIV and AIDS (Prevention and Control) Bill, 2017’, consider which of the following statements is/are true?
1. It seeks to prevent and control the spread of HIV and AIDS, prohibits discrimination against persons with HIV and AIDS.
2. It make s anti- retroviral therapy a legal right of HIV/AIDS patient.
3. It has provisions to safeguard the property rights of HIV positive p eople.
4. Every HIV infected person below the age of 18 years has the right to resid e in a shared household and enjoy the facilities of the household.

Question 94

How many angular bleed lines are present on the new Indian rupee 2000 bank note?

Question 95

Which of the following banned the ‘manjha’ used for flying kites?

Question 96

Who said,

Question 97

‘Vote on account’ is dealt in which of the following articles of the Indian Constitution?

Question 98

The Taj Mahal is threatened due to:-

Question 99

The below given painting ‘The Persistence of Memory’ is one of the most recognizable pieces in art history.
Who was the painter?

Question 100

Who is the famous sports personality in the image below?

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