Given below are a few data points on the Indian economy from 2005 to 2010:

*per capita GDP is arrived by dividing GDP by population.

Question 83

Read the statements given below:
l.Exports were more than imports in 2006
2.Imports were more than exports in 2009
3.Exports increased at faster rate than imports during the period 2005 to 2010
Which of the above statements is necessarily true?


The table provides details only regarding the % change in the imports and exports. We do not have any detail regarding the base value. Therefore, we cannot find out the absolute values and hence, statements 1 and 2 cannot be verified. 

The percentage change of exports and imports over the given period can be found out. Among the given options, option C is the only viable option now. Since none of the above is not present among the options, option C must be the right answer. 

To actually compare the growth rate of export and import. we can multiply the rates to find the net change and then compare.

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