Question 72

Point P lies between points A and B such that the length of BP is thrice that of AP. Car 1 starts from A and moves towards B. Simultaneously, car 2 starts from B and moves towards A. Car 2 reaches P one hour after car 1 reaches P. If the speed of car 2 is half that of car 1, then the time, in minutes, taken by car 1 in reaching P from A is

Correct Answer: 12


Let the distance between A and B be 4x. 
Length of BP is thrice the length of AP.
=> AP = x and BP = 3x

Let the speed of car 1 be s and the speed of car 2 be 0.5s. 
Car 2 reaches P one hour (60 minutes) after Car 1 reaches P.

=> x/s + 60 = 3x/0.5s
x/s + 60 = 6x/s
5x/s = 60
x/s = 12

Time taken by car 1 in reaching P from A = x/s = 12 minutes.
Therefore, 12 is the correct answer.  

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