Question 65

Anil, Bobby, and Chintu jointly invest in a business and agree to share the overall profit in proportion to their investments. Anil’s share of investment is 70%. His share of profit decreases by ₹ 420 if the overall profit goes down from 18% to 15%. Chintu’s share of profit increases by ₹ 80 if the overall profit goes up from 15% to 17%. The amount, in INR, invested by Bobby is


Let the amount invested by Anil Bobby and Chintu be x, y, and z.

Considering x+y+z = 100*p.

Given Anil's share was 70 percent = 70*p.

As per the information provided :

His share of profit decreases by ₹ 420 if the overall profit goes down from 18% to 15%.

Since the profits are distributed in the ratio of their investments :

With a 3% decrease in the profits the value of profit earned by A decreased by Rs 420 which was 70 percent of the total invested.

Hence for all three of them would be combinedly losing $$\left(420\right)\cdot\left(\frac{10}{7}\right)\ =\ 600$$

Hence 3 percent profit was equivalent to  Rs 600.

The initial investment is equivalent to Rs 20000.

This is the total amount invested.

Chintu's profit share increased by Rs 80 when the profit percentage increased by 2 %. A 2 percent increase in profit is equivalent to Rs 20000*2/100 = Rs 400.

Of which Rs 80 is earned by Chintu which is 20% of the total Rs 400.

Hence he invested 20% of the total amount.

Bobby invested the other 10 percent.

10 percent of Rs 20000 = Rs 2000

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