Question 64

Moody takes 30 seconds to finish riding an escalator if he walks on it at his normal speed in the same direction. He takes 20 seconds to finish riding the escalator if he walks at twice his normal speed in the same direction. If Moody decides to stand still on the escalator, then the time, in seconds, needed to finish riding the escalator is

Correct Answer: 60


Let the speed of Moody be 'x' steps/sec and that of the escalator be 'y' steps/sec.

In 30 seconds, Moody will finish riding the escalator when going in the same direction.

Thus, total steps = 30(x+y)

If Moody's speed becomes twice, the time becomes 20 seconds.

Thus, total steps = 20(2x+y)

Or    30x + 30y = 40x + 20y

Or    x = y

So, total steps = 60y.

Time taken by only escalator= 60y/y = 60s.

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