Question 62

Anil can paint a house in 12 days while Barun can paint it in 16 days. Anil, Barun, and Chandu undertake to paint the house for ₹ 24000 and the three of them together complete the painting in 6 days. If Chandu is paid in proportion to the work done by him, then the amount in INR received by him is

Correct Answer: 3000


Now Anil Paints in 12 Days 
Barun paints in 16 Days 
Now together Arun , Barun and Chandu painted in 6 Days 
Now let total work be W 
Now each worked for 6 days 
So Anil's work = 0.5W 
Barun's work = $$\frac{6W}{16}=\frac{3W}{8}$$
Therefore Charu's work = $$\frac{W}{2}-\frac{3W}{8}=\ \frac{W}{8}$$
Therefore proportion of charu =$$\frac{24000}{8}=\ 3,000$$

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