Question 61

Amar, Akbar and Anthony are working on a project. Working together Amar and Akbar can complete the project in 1 year, Akbar and Anthony can complete in 16 months, Anthony and Amar can complete in 2 years. If the person who is neither the fastest nor the slowest works alone, the time in months he will take to complete the project is

Correct Answer: 32


Let the total work be 48 units. Let Amar do 'm' work, Akbar do 'k' work, and Anthony do 'n' units of work in a month.

Amar and Akbar complete the project in 12 months. Hence, in a month they do $$\frac{48}{12}$$=4 units of work.

m+k = 4.

Similarly, k+n = 3, and m+n = 2.

Solving the three equations, we get $$m=\frac{3}{2},\ k=\frac{5}{2},\ n=\frac{1}{2}$$.

Here, Amar works neither the fastest not the slowest, and he does 1.5 units of work in a month. Hence, to complete the work, he would take $$\frac{48}{1.5}=32$$months.

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