CAT 2020 Question Paper (Slot 1) Question 59

Question 59

A circle is inscribed in a rhombus with diagonals 12 cm and 16 cm. The ratio of the area of circle to the area of rhombus is


Let the length of radius be 'r'.

From the above diagram,

$$x^2+r^2=6^2\ $$....(i)

$$\left(10-x\right)^2+r^2=8^2\ $$----(ii)

Subtracting (i) from (ii), we get: 

x=3.6 => $$r^2=36-\left(3.6\right)^2$$ ==> $$r^2=36-\left(3.6\right)^2\ =23.04$$.

Area of circle = $$\pi\ r^2=23.04\pi\ $$

Area of rhombus= 1/2*d1*d2=1/2*12*16=96.

.'. Ratio of areas = 23.04$$\pi\ $$/96=$$\frac{6\pi}{25}$$

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siddharth jha

7 months, 3 weeks ago

cant we take 10 as a diameter of the circle as all the sides of rhombus are equal and the circle is inscribed in it ?


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