Question 55

How many three-digit numbers are greater than 100 and increase by 198 when the three digits are arranged in the reverse order?

Correct Answer: 70


Let the numbers be of the form 100a+10b+c, where a, b, and c represent single digits.

Then (100c+10b+a)-(100a+10b+c)=198


c-a = 2.

Now, a can take the values 1-7. a cannot be zero as the initial number has 3 digits and cannot be 8 or 9 as then c would not be a single-digit number.

Thus, there can be 7 cases.

B can take the value of any digit from 0-9, as it does not affect the answer. Hence, the total cases will be $$7\times\ 10=70$$.

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