Question 52

A batsman played n + 2 innings and got out on all occasions. His average score in these n + 2 innings was 29 runs and he scored 38 and 15 runs in the last two innings. The batsman scored less than 38 runs in each of the first n innings. In these n innings, his average score was 30 runs and lowest score was x runs. The smallest possible value of x is


Given, $$\frac{\text{sum of scores in n matches+38+15}}{n+2}=29$$

Given, $$\frac{\text{sum of scores in n matches}}{n}=30$$

=> 30n + 53 = 29(n+2) => n=5

Sum of the scores in 5 matches = 29*7 - 38-15 = 150

Since the batsmen scored less than 38, in each of the first 5 innings. The value of x will be minimum when remaining four values are highest

=> 37+37+37+37 + x = 150

=> x = 2

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