CAT 2022 Question Paper (Slot 1) Question 46

Question 46

The average weight of students in a class increases by 600 gm when some new students join the class. If the average weight of the new students is 3 kg more than the average weight of the original students, then the ratio of the number of original students to the number of new students is


Let the original number of students be 'n' whose average weight is 'x'

Let the number of students added be 'm' and the average weight will be x + 3

We need to find the value of n : m

It is given, average weight of students in a class increased by 0.6 after new students are added.


$$\ \frac{\ nx+m\left(x+3\right)}{n+m}=x+0.6$$

$$\ \ nx+mx+3m=mx+nx+0.6n+0.6m$$




The answer is option C.

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