DIRECTIONS for the following four questions:

The Table I shows the comparative costs, in US Dollars, of major surgeries in USA and a select few Asian countries.

The equivalent of US Dollar in the local currencies is given in Table II.

A consulting firm found that the quality of the health services were not the same in all the countries above. A poor quality of a surgery may have significant repercussions in future, resulting in more cost in correcting mistakes. The cost of poor quality of surgery is given in Table III


Question 44

Approximately, what difference in amount in Bahts will it make to a Thai citizen if she were to get a hysterectomy done in India instead of in her native country, taking into account the cost of poor quality? It costs 7500 Bahts for oneway travel between Thailand and India.


Cost of treatment in India in USD ('000) 8 and in Thailand 10.5.

So she pays 2.5 more in Thailand.

Converting in Bahts we get 82500.

Subtracting the total travelling cost of 15000 Baht from the above.

So difference is 67500 Bahts.


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