CAT 1997 Question Paper Question 43

Question 43

Fresh grapes contain 90% water while dry grapes contain 20% water. What is the weight of dry grapes obtained from 20 kg fresh grapes?


Let the total weight of fresh grapes be 100 gm.

=> Fresh grapes have 90 gm of water and 10 gm of fruit.

When these grapes are dried, the amount of fruit does not change.

=> 10 grams will become 80% of the content in dry grapes

=> Weight of dry grapes = $$\frac{10}{0.8}$$ = 12.5 gm

So, the weight of fresh grapes reduces to 1/8th of its original weight.

=> 20 kg of fresh grapes give 2.5 kg of dry grapes.

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