Question 42

A dealer buys dry fruits at Rs. 100, Rs. 80 and Rs. 60 per kilogram. He mixes them in the ratio 3 : 4 : 5 by weight, and sells at a profit of 50%. At what price per kilogram does he sell the dry fruits?


Let's say he buy fruits of weights 3 kg., 4kg., 5 kg.
Total kilograms of dry fruits $$=3+4+5=12$$

Overall cost price $$=3\cdot100+4\cdot80+5\cdot60=300+320+300=920$$

So cost price per kg. $$=\dfrac{300+320+300}{12} = \dfrac{920}{12}$$

Selling price = $$\dfrac{920}{12} \times \dfrac{3}{2}$$ = 115 per kg (Since Profit is 50%)

Hence answer will be D.

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