Directions for the following two questions: Answer the questions based on the following information.

The petrol consumption rate of a new model car ‘Palto’ depends on its speed and may be described by the graph below.

The axis represents the speed and the Y axis represents the Fuel Consumption (Liters per hour)

Question 4

Manasa would like to minimize the fuel consumption for the trip by driving at the appropriate speed. How should she change the speed?

[CAT 2001]


If she drives at 40 kmph, the fuel consumed = 200/40 * 2.5 = 12.5 liters
If she drives at 60 kmph, the fuel consumed = 13.33 liters
If she drives at 80 kmph, the fuel consumed = 200/80 * 7.9 = 19.75 liters
To minimize fuel consumption, Manasa has to decrease the speed.

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