Question 24

There is a sentence that is missing in the paragraph below. Look at the paragraph and decide in which blank (option 1, 2, 3, or 4) the following sentence would best fit.

Sentence: This was years in the making but fast-tracked during the pandemic, when "people started being more mindful about their food", he explained.

Paragraph: For millennia, ghee has been a venerated staple of the subcontinental diet, but it fell out of favour a few decades ago when saturated fats were largely considered to be unhealthy. ___(1)___ But more recently, as the thinking around saturated fats is shifting globally, Indians are finding their own way back to this ingredient that is so integral to their cuisine. ___(2)___ For Karmakar, a renewed interest in ghee is emblematic of a return-to-basics movement in India. ___(3)___ This movement is also part of an overall trend towards "slow food". In keeping with the movement's philosophy, ghee can be produced locally (even at home) and has inextricable cultural ties. ___(4)___ At a basic level, ghee is a type of clarified butter believed to have originated in India as a way to preserve butter from going rancid in the hot climate.


We can easily eliminate Options A and B since the given sentence "This was years in the making but fast-tracked during the pandemic, when "people started being more mindful about their food", he explained" uses the pronoun "he," which must refer to "Karmakar." The sentence should take the spot of blank 3 since it fits in well with the idea that ghee is part of a "return-to-basics movement in India", as it mentions that the renewed interest in ghee has been developing for a while but was accelerated during the pandemic when people became more conscious about their food choices. Additionally, the idea that this movement is part of an overall trend towards "slow food" is also mentioned in the sentence, as it talks about people being mindful of their food. By contrast, placing the sentence in any of the other blanks would be less logical because it would be introducing information that is not directly related to the main topic being discussed in those parts of the paragraph.

Hence, Option C is the correct choice. 

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