Question 17

Navjivan Express from Ahmedabad to Chennai leaves Ahmedabad at 6:30 am and travels at 50km per hour towards Baroda situated 100 kms away. At 7:00 am Howrah - Ahmedabad express leaves Baroda towards Ahmedabad and travels at 40 km per hour. At 7:30 Mr. Shah, the traffic controller at Baroda realises that both the trains are running on the same track. How much time does he have to avert a head-on collision between the two trains?


The distance between Ahmedabad and Baroda is 100 Km
Navjivan express starts at 6:30 am at 50 Km/hr and Howrah expresses starts at 7:00 am at 40 Km/hr.
Distance covered by Navjivan express in 30 minutes (by 7 am) is 25 Km/hr.

So, at 7 am, the distance between the two trains is 75 Kms and they are travelling towards each other a relative speed of 50+40=90 Km/hr.

So, time taken them to meet is 75/90*60 = 50 minutes.

As, Mr. Shah realizes the problem after thirty minutes, time left to avoid collision is 50-30 = 20 minutes

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