Question 16

Abraham, Border, Charlie, Dennis and Elmer and their respective wives recently dined together and were seated at a circular table. The seats were so arranged that men and women alternated and each woman was three places distant from her husband. Mrs. Charlie sat to the immediate left of Mr. Abraham. Mrs. Elmer sat two places to the right of Mrs. Border. Who sat to the right of Mr. Abraham?


Mrs. Abraham can't be sitting next to him as per the seating arrangement. Wives sit three places away from their husbands.

Mrs. Charlie is sitting to the left of Mr. Abraham. So, she can't be sitting to his right.

Mrs. Elenor is sitting two places to the right of Mrs. Border (and not Mrs. Charlie). So, she can't be sitting right next to Mr. Abraham.

Mrs. Border and Mrs. Dennis are the remaining two wives and each is equally likely to to be sitting to the right of Mr. Abraham.

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