CAT 2020 Question Paper (Slot 1) - Quant Question 15

Question 15

An alloy is prepared by mixing three metals A, B and C in the proportion 3 : 4 : 7 by volume. Weights of the same volume of the metals A. B and C are in the ratio 5 : 2 : 6. In 130 kg of the alloy, the weight, in kg. of the metal C is


Let the volume of Metals A,B,C we 3x, 4x, 7x

Ratio weights of given volume be 5y,2y,6y

.'. 15xy+8xy+42xy=130 => 65xy=130 => xy=2.

.'.`The weight, in kg. of the metal C is 42xy=84.

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ShAshANk vErMA

2 years, 3 months ago

15*XY+8xy+42xy = 65xy = 130... kindly correct the solution


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