Question 11

On the bank of the pristine Tunga river, a deer and a tiger are joyfully playing with each other. The deer notices that it is 40 steps away from the tiger and starts running towards it. At the same time, the tiger starts running away from the deer. Both run on the same straight line. For every five steps the deer takes, the tiger takes six. However, the deer takes only two steps to cover the distance that the tiger covers in three. In how many steps can the deer catch the tiger?


Let speed of deer = 5steps/second and speed of tiger = 6 steps/sec

Let deer cover 1 m in a step => tiger covers 2/3 m in a step

Hence speed of deer = 5m/s and spped of tiger = 6 x 2/3 m/s = 4m/s

Hence time taken by a deer to catch tiger = 40 seconds

Distance travelled by deer in 40 seconds = 5 x 40 =200 steps

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