Question 103

Arrange sentences A, B, C and D between sentences 1 and 6 to form a logical sequence of six sentences.

1. It is the success story of the Indian expatriate in the US which today hogs much of the media coverage in India.

A. East and West, the twain have met quite comfortably in their person, thank you.

B. Especially in its more recent romancing — the-NRI phase.

C. Seldom does the price of getting there — more like not getting there — or what's going on behind those sunny smiles get so much media hype.

D. Well groomed, with their perfect Colgate smiles, and hair in place, they appear the picture of confidence which comes from having arrived.

6. The festival of feature films and documentaries made by Americans of Indian descent being screened this fortnight, goes a long way in filling those gaps.


The pronoun "it" in statement B refers to the media attention mentioned in statement 1. Hence, 1-B are a pair. Statements A and D describe the NRIs introduced in B and hence should come after B. As A concludes from the outward characteristics mentioned in D, it should follow D. C mentions the gap in information provided about NRIs and 6 mentions how the film festival is filling those gaps. Hence, C-6 are a pair. Hence, the order is 1BDAC6.

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