XAT 2021 Question Paper


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 71

Vijay Prashad’s discussion event at the online Tata Literature Live!,2020, was cancelled. Who was to feature in the discussion with Vijay Prashad?

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Question 72

What is Hayabusa2?

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Question 73

Which is the first GI tagged product in India?

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Question 74

Who was recently appointed as the CEO of Cafe Coffee Day?

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Question 75

Who was the first woman chief minister in Independent India?

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Question 76

Tedros Adhanom has been in the news for the last one year for being:

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Question 77

What is the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict?

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Question 78

Which of the following is not an online learning application?

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Question 79

Arecibo telescope, known for its stellar contributions in the field of astronomy, collapsed recently. Where was it located?

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Read the following scenario and answer the three questions that follow.

Ashraf has been working at a cybersecurity company called NuTech Pvt. Ltd. for seven years. Having missed a promotion in the previous appraisal cycle, Ashraf is anxious about it in the upcoming cycle. Ashraf is aware that the HR head is meeting the top management to discuss promotions sometime soon. (At NuTech, the HR head recommends names for promotions to the top management based on inputs from the functional teams.)

On a Friday afternoon, Ashraf receives an email from Sridevi, the HR head. It reads, “Hi, I need an urgent favour from you; please respond if you are free.” It was the first time that Sridevi ever contacted him. Surprised, Ashraf immediately replies back saying, “Sure! How can I help you, Sridevi? Regards, Ashraf.” In a couple of minutes, he receives a reply: “Ashraf, I am in the middle of an important meeting, but have to urgently send gift vouchers worth ₹50,000 to one of our important clients. If you could, please purchase and send the gift vouchers to the email address given below, at the earliest.” Ashraf , without any delay, sends gift vouchers worth ₹50,000 to the given email address.

Question 80

Ashraf feels happy after this brief email interaction with Sridevi.

Which of the following statements, if true, will BEST make Ashraf strongly hopeful about his imminent promotion?

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