XAT 2019


The break-up of the students in a university by subject major is given in the polar pie-chart. The bar chart shows the number of students who major in physics by geographic location.

Question 71

12% of all students are from Chennai. What is the largest possible percentage of economics students that can be from Chennai, rounded off to the nearest integer?


Given below is the time table for a trans-continental train that cuts across several time zones. All timings are in local time in the respective cities. The average speed of the train between any two cities is the same in both directions.

Question 72

Which of the following pairs of cities are in the same time zone?

Question 73

What is the total time taken in minutes by the train to go from Zut to Raz?

Question 74

What time is it at Yag when it is 12:00 noon at Sab?


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 75

Which of the following countries does not border the Mediterranean Sea?

Question 76

The Mumbai Interbank Bid Rate (MIBID) and the Mumbai Interbank Offer Rate (MIBOR) are yardsticks that control which of the following financial markets?

Question 77

Name the city which was the capital of the ‘undivided’ Assam state immediately after independence.

Question 78

Name the European country that signed a pact with India in March 2018 to deepen the cooperation in the field of environment management. The deal also affirms a commitment to fight climate change.

Question 79

Name the two countries with which India has inked agreements to enable the successful mission called ‘Gaganyaan’ that is slated for 2022.

Question 80

The ‘Kyoto Protocol’ which was adopted in 1997 by several countries in Kyoto, Japan focusses on which of the following aspects?

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