SNAP 2015


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

The full form of CSIRO is

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Question 2

The full form of UNRISD is

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Question 3

Bhaona is a presentation of the Ankia Naat of Assam. In Bhaona the cultural glimpses of __________ is/ are reflected.

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Question 4

Under which Act does the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) protect monuments, sites and remains of national importance ?

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Question 5

In 2015 the President of India approved conferment of Padma Awards to all of the following but for _________

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Question 6

In Grammy Awards 2015 the best folk album was won by _______

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Question 7

Scientists discovered a new species in the human family tree which is a small creature with a tiny brain. The new species has been named as ______

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Question 8

The ministry of external affairs has recently decided to change the nomenclature of Indian Based Domestic Assistance (IBDA) to ___________

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Question 9

The foreign exchange reserve of India consists of _________

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Question 10

_________ is a charge for converting bullion into coins where free coinage is permitted. This charge is equal to the cost of bullion to coins transformation.

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