How To Overcome Challenges during CAT Exam Preparation?

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How To Overcome Challenges during CAT Exam Preparation?

Have you ever felt like just giving up on your CAT preparation journey because of the challenges you have to face one after the other? You are not alone! Every single aspirant faces and overcomes challenges to be successful on D-day.

The CAT exam tests not only your knowledge but also your perseverance. Only the right strategies and mindset will help you overcome these obstacles. We will discuss how to overcome the most common challenges faced by CAT aspirants along with some bonus tips and tricks. We will also delve into the section-wise challenges and provide bonus tips for non-engineers. Let’s dive in!

A Distracted Mind


In today's age, information about anything that pops up in our minds is available at our fingertips. The algorithm of social media apps adds to it, providing a constant stream of dopamine hits that distract us from our goals. To combat this, we recommend deleting unnecessary social media apps and limiting the use of necessary apps for your prep only when necessary.

At the end of the day, you must pick yourself up. Every time you try to overcome your challenge to reach your goal, hundreds of people will mock you and pull you down at the beginning. You will also face an internal battle by questioning yourself. But you will only transform if you keep going and don’t give up.

The tip here is Don’t listen to anyone or anything that says you cannot do it. Focus on the evidence that shows you have made some progress. For instance, strengthen your belief in yourself by showing yourself the increased concept clarity or being able to solve a greater number of questions or increase in mock scores.

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Managing Your Time

The only thing in life that you cannot create is time. Time and focus are your most valuable resources. Make sure you use these to achieve your goal and not deviate from it.

Time management is crucial for CAT preparation, but many students struggle with it. It might feel overwhelming to cover numerous topics and take so many mock tests. To overcome this hurdle, create a routine or schedule for your CAT prep and stick to it religiously. Prioritize the important tasks first. Divide your goal into many smaller manageable tasks and complete these tasks according to the priority. The Pomodoro Technique is a great way to enhance your focus and productivity. Set a timer for 25 minutes. You must perform completely focused work during this time. Then set a timer for 5 minutes. This is your break time. Avoid looking at your mobile phone screens during this time. Keep repeating this process.

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Not Able to Understand Certain Concepts

The syllabus of CAT is vast. It encompasses a wide range of topics that may be difficult to grasp initially. Do not panic if you struggle to understand or get a clear hold on certain topics. Instead, adopt a proactive approach to learning. Increase your scope of knowledge from resources like study material, textbooks, and online video lectures for the challenging topics. Moreover, seek help from your teachers, mentors or fellow aspirants if needed.

Consistent Low Mock scores


It can be discouraging to consistently receive low scores on practice exams, but it's important to keep in mind that the purpose of mock exams is to help with learning and practice, not just assessment. Make use of them as a tool to pinpoint your areas of weakness and growth. Examine your errors, comprehend the underlying ideas, and come up with solutions. Prioritize quality over quantity, and with every mock exam, strive for a little improvement.
The truth is that practice exams are your greatest ally rather than your opponent. Think of them as your day's dress rehearsals; evaluate your performance and pick up on any errors you made. Later, you'll thank yourself!
The following are some pointers and techniques to improve your mock scores:

  1. Change your attempt strategy. For instance, you find out through your mock analysis that your accuracy is good in the RC section and low in the VA section. You must then solve more RCs in your next few mocks. This is how modifying your attempt strategy according to your strength helps in increasing your mock scores significantly.
  2. Pick up the easiest questions that can be solved in under a minute first. These are the questions you are sure about solving correctly. Then go for the questions you are sure about solving but take time. Then try to attempt those questions which you are not sure about at last. Don’t give flukes because negative marking exists.
  3. Try to solve all the TITA questions. These are the Type-In-Type-Answers which don’t have multiple options.
  4. Most coaching institutes prepare you for a higher level of difficulty than the actual CAT. Don’t get demotivated by low mock scores.
  5. Solve as many past year papers as you can.

Challenges Faced by Non-Engineers

Non-engineers often face unique challenges in CAT preparation, primarily related to quantitative aptitude and data interpretation. To overcome these challenges, focus on building a strong foundation in basic mathematical concepts. Practice regularly, solve a variety of problems from different sources, and familiarize yourself with different problem-solving techniques. Don't shy away from seeking help from online forums, coaching institutes, or study groups.

While an engineer may easily start with a target of 10-15 questions in one quant attempt, a non-engineer could start with a target of 8-10 questions in a single quants attempt. Start with a realistic target and increase it gradually.

Fear of Failure

fear of faliure

Don't fear failure; embrace it as a stepping stone to success. Start taking mock tests early in your preparation journey to identify your weaknesses and areas for improvement. By failing fast, you'll learn valuable lessons that will prevent you from making the same mistakes in the actual CAT exam.

The journey to CAT excellence is fraught with obstacles and setbacks. Toppers encounter failures and disappointments along the way, but they refuse to be deterred. With unwavering determination and resilience, they rise above adversity, learning from their mistakes and emerging stronger than ever.

Anxiety is good because it shows that you care. However, it must disappear when you must perform. Find joy in the journey, not the destination. Give equality of happiness you will get from both the outcomes of your CAT results. This will reduce the pressure on the D-day. If you consider your CAT attempt as a make or break, you will not be able to perform without stress in your mind.

As you embark on your CAT journey, remember that challenges and setbacks are inevitable. There will be moments of doubt and uncertainty, but it's how you respond to adversity that defines your success. Show resiliency, stand tall in the face of difficulties, and disprove the doubters. As Kobe Bryant once said,

"The moment you give up is the moment you let someone else win."

Keep that in mind.

And there you have it, aspirant - the secrets to cracking the CAT code and making it all the way to the top. With these tips and tricks at your disposal, you'll be ready to ace the CAT and forge a successful career. Maintain your focus, have faith in yourself, and never lose sight of your goals. Even though the route can be difficult, the destination is extremely satisfying. This is something you can handle!

Tell me, what is the most difficult thing you are finding to prepare for the CAT? Let’s overcome it together!

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