ISRO Scientist or Engineer Electrical 2015


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

The Burden ofprotective Current Transformer (CT) is specified in

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Question 12

In the network shown in the figure below, the current in the 12 Ohm resistor is 5 Amps, the battery voltage E is

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Question 13

What is the equivalent capacitance of the following circuit?

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Question 14

The relation between the flux density (B) and Magnetic field intensity (H) is given by $$B = \mu H$$. What is $$\mu$$ in this relation?

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Question 15

Powersupply to a 10 pole induction motor is supplied by 4 pole alternator which is driven at 1500 RPM. If the motor runs with slip of 4%, whatis its speed?

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Question 16

A power factor meter connected in a circuit indicates pf of 0.6 lagging. To improve the power factor, we have to insert the following componentin the circuit.

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Question 17

The logic evaluated by the circuit at the output is

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Question 18

The figure shows a half wave rectifier circuit with input voltage $$U(t) = 10 \sin (100 \pi t)$$ volts. Assuming ideal diode characteristics with zero forward voltage drop and zero reverse current, the average power consumed in watts by the load resistance RL is

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Question 19

The truth table

Represent the Boolean function

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Question 20

A three stage Johnson counter ring in figure is clocked at a constant frequency of $$f_c$$. from starting state of $$Q_0, Q_1, Q_2 = 101$$. The frequencyof output $$Q_0, Q_1, Q_2,$$ will be

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