ISRO Scientist or Engineer Electrical 2015


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

The current I em units, flowing in a coil of a tangent galvanometer is given by the expression where
r = Mean radius of the galvanometer coil.
N = Numberof turns of the galvanometercoil.
H = Horizontal componentof earth magneticfield.
$$\phi$$ = Deflection of galvanometer magnetic needle.

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Question 2

To measure current, Ammeters are connected in

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Question 3

If a circuit is formed consisting of two dissimilar metallic conductors, and if one of the junction has a temperature of 71 and the other is at higher temperature 72, a current flow in the circuit. This effect is called as

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Question 4

Two wattmeter connected to measure the input of a balanced 3 Phasecircuit indicates 2000 Watts and 500 Watts respectively. What will be the power factor of the circuit when
both of the readings are positive?

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Question 5

Wheatstone Bridge is used for measurementof

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Question 6

In a series RLC circuit, during resonance

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Question 7

Which of the following network theorem deals with finding out the circuit values of voltage and current in a restricted portion of the network by replacing the actual source of energy by a single “equivalent voltage source” or by a single “equivalent current source” acting at a terminal pair?

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Question 8

What will be the base impedance for a three phase system with base MVA = 100 MVA and . Base kV as 11 kV?

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Question 9

The differential protection relay may lose its stability for through faults due to saturation of CT magnetic circuit during short circuit condition. To overcome this difficulty which of the following technique is used

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Question 10

During single phasing, the unbalanced stator current have a negative sequence component, which cause

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