ISRO Scientist or Engineer Electrical 2015


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 21

A 4 bit module — 16 ripple counter uses JK F/F. If the propagation delay of each F/F is 50 nano seconds, the maximum clock frequency that can be used is equal to

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Question 22

Figure shown below, capacitor is initially charged to $$V_o = 50 V$$ with upper plate positive. Switch S is closed at t = 0. Current through the circuit at t = 0 and final voltage across C are respectively

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Question 23

The Q point value $$I_c$$ for the circuit is

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Question 24

The frequency of oscillations of transistorized Colpitts Oscillator having tank circuit parameters $$C1 = 150 pF, C2 = 1.5 nf$$ and $$L = 50 \mu H$$ is

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Question 25

The following distortion readings are available for a power amplifier. D2 = 0.2, D3 = 0.02 and vD4 = 0.06. The Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)is

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Question 26

A transformer coupled class A amplifier drives a 16 Ohm loud speaker through 4:1 transformer with $$V_{cc} = 36 V$$. If the circuit delivers 2 Watts to load, the rms voltage across the load assuming transformer efficiency as 100 % is

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Question 27

In the $$R_L$$ circuit given below, the maximum power will be transferred when value of $$R_L$$ is

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Question 28

A-source $$V_s(t) = V \cos 100 \pi t$$ has an internal impedance of $$(4 + j3) Ω$$. If a purely resistive load is connected to this source has to extract the maximum powerout of the source, its value in Ohms should be

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Question 29

In a transformer, exciting current is made up of two components namely magnetizing current Im and core loss current Ic, with negligible leakage impedance drop (V is supply voltage)

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Question 30

The leakage flux in a transformer depends upon

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