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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

Nawab has two sons Saif and Amir who have export businesses. Nawab’s satisfaction/ utility level is given by adding twice of the satisfaction level of Saif with the satisfaction level of Amir. If Saif makes a profit of ₹ 100, his satisfaction level goes up by 10% and if he suffers a loss of ₹100, his satisfaction level goes down by 10%. If Amir makes profit of ₹ 100, his satisfaction level goes up by 5% and if he suffers a loss of ₹ 100, his satisfaction level goes down by 15%. Currently, Nawab’s satisfaction level is 24 and the satisfaction level of Saif is the same as the satisfaction level of Amir. If Saif makes a profit of 100 and Amir suffers a loss of ₹ 100, what is the approximate percentage change in Nawab’s satisfaction level?

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Question 12

A man standing on the line joining the two poles finds that the top of the poles make an angle of elevation of $$60^\circ$$ and $$45^\circ$$ respectively. After walking for sometime towards the other pole, the angles change to $$30^\circ$$ and $$60^\circ$$ respectively. The ratio of the height of the poles is :

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Question 13

An E-rickshaw owner makes 24 trips a month with 4 passengers per trip. If his interest cost for purchase of E-rickshaw is ₹ 120/month, he earns 15 percent profit a month (Profit is the difference between revenue and cost). What will be the approximate percentage profit for the same month if the owner undertakes 20 trips a month with 5 passengers and his interest cost is reduced by 10 percent for the month ?

(a) Total cost to be proportional to the interest cost.
(b) Revenue per passenger is the same in both cases.

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Question 14

400 students were admitted to the 2018-19 MBA batch. 200 of them did not choose “Business Statistics”. 100 of them did not choose “International Management’. There were 80 students who did not choose any of the two subjects. Find the number of students who chose both Business Statistics and International Management.

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Question 15

At what time between 2.00 pm and 3.00 pm,the two arms of a watch are completely opposite to each other ?

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Question 16

The number $$37^{371}-26^{371}$$ is divisible by:

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Question 17

A motorboat takes the passengers from Rishikesh to Haridwar and back. Both the cities, Rishikesh and Haridwar are located on the banks of River Ganga. During Kumbh Mela,to earn more money, the owner of the motorboat decided to have more trips from Rishikesh to Haridwar and back, so he increased the speed of the motorboat in still water, by 50%. By increasing the speed, he was able to cut down the travel time from Rishikesh to Haridwarand back, by 60%. Whatis the ratio of the speed of motorboating still water to that of the speed of river Ganga?

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Question 18

A cricket team has 11 players and each of them has played 20 matches till date. Virat, Rohit, Mahendra, Rahul and Shikhar have scored runs at an average of 60, 55, 50, 45 and 40 respectively. Rest of the players have scored at an average of 25 each. In the next 10 matches, Virat and Rohit each scored 900 runs whereas Mahendra scored twice that of Rahul. After 30 matches, if Virat’s new average score is twice that of Rahul, what is the approximate average score of Mahendra ?

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Question 19

A square of length 1 m is inside a square of length 2 m and four quarter circles are joined as shown in the figure. The value of y —x is given by,

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Question 20

Rohit purchased a cistern which had a leakage. The cistern can be filled by two inlet pipes, which can individually fill the cistern in 12 min and 15 min respectively. Despite leakage, the two inlet pipes together can fill the cistern in 20 min. How long will it take to empty the completely full the cistern due to leakage?

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