CMAT 2023 Slot 1 Question Paper


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 21

There is certain relationship between two given words on one side of : : and another word is given on the other side of : : find the other word from the given alternatives having a same relation with this word as the words of the given pair.
Foot : Skateboard : : Oar

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Question 22

In an extended family, A is married to B and B has two sons C and D. The younger son D is married to E. F has two children E and G. How is G related to D?

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Question 23

Few men were sitting in a row facing north in a row.
Sunil is 16th to the left of Ram, who is 18th from the right. Jack is 11th from left and is also 4th to the right of Sunil. How many men were sitting in a row.

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Question 24

Find the odd one among the following:

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Question 25

If RASCAL is written as -22, then SIMPLE is written as

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Question 26

Deepti was walking with her husband Rajiv. They met a Woman Milli. Deepti introduced Milli to Rajiv and said "Her brother's father is the only son of my grandfather. "How is Deepti related to Milli?

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Question 27

Count the member of triangles in the following figure.

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Question 28

A is the son of B, whose mother is C. D is the husband of E the grand-daughter of C. If F is the wife of A, how is F's father-in-law related to D's daughter?

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Question 29

A girl leaves her home and walks 30 mt towards north. She turns clockwise by $$45^{\circ}$$ and walks 30 meter. Then she turns anti-clockwise by $$45^{\circ}$$ and walks 30 meter, Then she turns by $$90^{\circ}$$ towards her left and walks 60 meter. There she turns towards her home. In which direction is she walking?

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Question 30

The following question consists of a statement followed by two arguments I and II. Choose the best option.

Statement: Should the cottage industry be shifted to urban cities from villages?
Argument I: No, the rural population will die of hunger.
Argument II: Yes, rural people will be encouraged to adopt farming as their livelihood.

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