AP Police SI Mains 2019 Arithmetic and Reasoning


Read the following information answer the questions below.
The following are the conditions for the selection of a manager post in an organisation.
i) The candidate must be a graduate with at least 65% of marks.
ii) As on 1st January 2018, the candidate's age must be between 22 and 30 years.
iii) The candidate must secure at least 40% marks in the entrance exam and at least 50% marks in the interview.
iv) The candidate must have management trainee experience of atleast 1 year.
(a) In case a candidate fails to fulfil (i) but has a post graduate degree with atleast 60% of marks, then his/her case is to be referred to Head of human resource section.
(b) In case a candidate fails to fulfil (iv) above but ready to execute a bond for two years then his/her case is to be referred to the General Manager.

Question 191

Amar is an applicant for manager post and was born on 2nd September 1990. In the entrance , examination he got more marks than in interview. He got 55% marks in interview. He is ready to execute a bond for two years. He got a first class in graduation securing 68% of marks.

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Question 192

Sobhan graduated with 55% marks and secured post graduate degree by scoring 63% marks. In the entrance exam and interview he secured respectively 43% and 53% marks. He had experience as management trainee for 2 years. Sobhan's date of birth is 15th December 1986.

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Based on the below information, answer the questions.
5 persons A, B, C, D and E are to be invited on to the dais and are requested to sit on the 5 coloured chairs arranged in the order of Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White. The person D is not allowed to sit on the Blue chair. The Chief guest A is to be seated on the white chair only. The person E is always to be seated by the side of A. The person B always to be seated at the middle.

Question 193

The order in which the person are to be seated is:

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Question 194

If all the persons change their seats except the person sitting on the white chair, the person E is to be seated in the middle chair and no one has the same earlier neighbours, then the order of the persons to be seated on the dais is

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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 195

Observe the following figure.

The minimum number of cubes to be placed in empty spaces to complete the cube is

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Question 196

A hollow cuboid is constructed with identical small blocks as shown in the figure. Three such identical cuboids are attached to it to form z a big hollow cuboid. Then the number of small blocks required to fill the hollow space is

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Question 197

Seven letters G, N, T, Y, V, Q, C are selected and arranged in the dictionary order. Another two letters are selected and placed in between these seven letters so that
i) the position of the middle letter is not altered after the inclusion of these two letters.
ii) one of the two selected letters become the middle one for the right most five letters.
iii) for the left most five letters G is the middle letter and no two letters are consecutive. Then the two letters included are

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Question 198

Consider the following activities in a student life.
A: Examinations
B : Convocation
C : Admission
D : Results
E : First Class
If the sequence of occurrance of these activities is arranged in the reverse order, then the correct one in the given options is

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Question 199

In a class of 50 students, all students are ranked as per their marks in an examination. All the 50 students got distinct marks from each other. A student Ram is in $$18^{th}$$ position from the top and another student Syam is in $$26^{th}$$ position from top. The position of the student from the bottom who got the rank exactly in between the ranks of Ram and Syam, is

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Question 200

A, B, C, D and E are 5 boys sitting in a row. B is on the right of C who is on the right of A. The boy E is only one in between A and C. D is on the extreem left side. Then the boy in the middle of the arrangement is

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