AP Police SI Mains 2019 Arithmetic and Reasoning


Based on the information below answer the questions.
In a certain code, the 26 letters of english alphabets are written around a circle in the same order and each consonant is coded as the 4th consonant after it and each vowel is coded as the 3rd vowel after it.

Question 181

The letter that is coded as 'L' is

Question 182

The word BOND is coded as


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 183

If the word LINE is coded as QMQG then, in the same code, the word FORT is coded as

Question 184

If the word BRING is coded as 50 and STATE is coded as 65 then in the same code, the word SWORD is coded as

Question 185

In a certain code the word 'PRINCE' • coded as QQ JM DD. Then in the same code,CHARIT is coded as

Question 186

In a certain code, the word NESTUM is coded as 123456 and the word PARIS is coded as 78903, then in the same code, the code for the word TAMPER is

Question 187

In a certain code, the word MISTER is coded as SIYTKR, then the word NORMAL is coded as

Question 188

P is mother of V; V is sister of B. A is son of B. D is brother of A. S is mother of D. G is grand daughter of P. T has only two children V and B. Which one of the following is true?

Question 189

In a family D is the wife of C and daughter of F and D is also the daughter-in-law of A. G is the mother of C. A is the paternal grand son of E. Then how A is related to G


Read the following information answer the questions below.
The following are the conditions for the selection of a manager post in an organisation.
i) The candidate must be a graduate with at least 65% of marks.
ii) As on 1st January 2018, the candidate's age must be between 22 and 30 years.
iii) The candidate must secure at least 40% marks in the entrance exam and at least 50% marks in the interview.
iv) The candidate must have management trainee experience of atleast 1 year.
(a) In case a candidate fails to fulfil (i) but has a post graduate degree with atleast 60% of marks, then his/her case is to be referred to Head of human resource section.
(b) In case a candidate fails to fulfil (iv) above but ready to execute a bond for two years then his/her case is to be referred to the General Manager.

Question 190

Lakshmi was born on $$15^{th}$$ March 1993. She did her MBA and securecie marks. At a company she had a training experience after her MBA, for 13 months. Every member in the interview board gave marks from 6 to 9 out of 10. She secured 52% of marks in the entrance examination. Then

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