AP ICET 2014


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 91

In a library 23% of the books are in Arts. 30% in Commerce, 35% in Science and the rest are in Telugu language. If there are 1440 books in Telugu language, the number of books in Arts is

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Question 92

A person bought a pen and sold it for a loss of 10%. If he had bought it for 20% less and sold it for ₹ 44 more than earlier sale price he would have made a profit of 40%. The cost price of the pen is (in ₹)

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Question 93

If an article is sold at a profit of 15% instead of a profit of 9% the person gets ₹ 60 more. The cost price ofthe article (in rupees) is

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Question 94

A and B started a business investing ₹ 10 lakhs and ₹ 15 lakhs respectively. After 6 months C joined them by investing ₹ 20 lakhs. If the profit at the end of the year is ₹ 5.6 lakhs, then the share of A in the profit (in lakhs of rupees) is

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Question 95

In a joint business A, B and C invested capital in the ratio 5 : 6 : 8. At the end of the business they shared profits in the ratio 4 : 3 : 12.'The ratio of the number of months in which A, B and C kept, their capital is

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Question 96

Pipe A fills a tank in 8 hours while pipe B empties the full tank in 10 hours. If both the pipes A and B are opened simultaneously the time taken (in hours) to fill the tank is

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Question 97

Two pipes A and B can fill a tank in 10 hours and 15 hours respectively. If they are opened altemately for one hour each and if A is opened first, the time (in hours) required to fill the tank is

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Question 98

If a man starts at A and walks at 5 kmph he will reach B late by 7 minutes. But if walks at 6 kmph he will reach B early by 5 minutes. The distance between A and B (in km) is

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Question 99

A train of 270 metres long crosses a platform of 390 metres length in 33 seconds. The speed of the train (in kmph) is

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Question 100

Three persons A, B, C together can complete a work in 8 days where as A alone requires 24 days to complete the same work. The number of days-required for B and C together to complete the same work is

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