Question 99

Anil alone can do a job in 20 days while Sunil alone can do it in 40 days. Anil starts the job, and after 3 days, Sunil joins him. Again, after a few more days, Bimal joins them and they together finish the job. If Bimal has done 10% of the job, then in how many days was the job done?


Let the total work be LCM of 20, 40 = 40 units 

Efficiency of Anil and Sunil is 2 units and 1 unit per day respectively.

Anil works alone for 3 days, so Anil must have completed 6 units.

Bimal completes 10% of the work while working along with Anil and Sunil.

Bimal must have completed 4 units.

The remaining 30 units of work is done by Anil and Sunil

Number of days taken by them 30/3=10

The total work is completed in 3+10=13 days

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