Answer the questions on the basis of information given below.

Twitter allows its users to post/share and read short messages known as tweets. Tweets can be of three types – Positive Tweets (in support), Negative Tweets (against) and Neutral Tweets. The following table presents the Number of Votes and Tweets received by certain political parties.

* Any party which has secured less than 2% of the total votes falls under ‘Other Parties’ category. For example, Party E secured less than 2% of total votes, in the year 2000.

Note: If the vote share (%age of total votes) of a party changes from 15% to 40%, gain in vote share would be 25% (= 40%, – 15%).

Question 81

Which of the following options correctly arranges the political parties in descending order of gain in vote share from the year 2005 to the year 2010?


From the above table, it is clear that the decreasing order of gain of vote share = BCEDA

D is the correct answer.

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