Question 73

My son adores chocolates. He likes biscuits. But he hates apples. I told him that he can buy as many chocolates he wishes. But then he must have biscuits twice the number of chocolates and should have apples more than biscuits and chocolates together. Each chocolate cost Re 1. The cost of apple is twice the chocolate and four biscuits are worth one apple. Then which of the following can be the amount that I spent on that evening on my son if number of chocolates, biscuits and apples brought were all integers?


When numbers of chocolates, biscuits and apples are integers.
Now let's say number of chocolates taken 1 , then biscuits will be 2 and apples can be 4,5,6,7
Hence minimum money that should be spent = 1+1+8 = 10 (Hence option C is cancelled)
Now when number of chocolates are 4
Biscuits will be 8
And apples can be 13,14,15....
Now total money spent can be 4+4+26 = 34 and more of it.
Hence answer will be A

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