Question 71

The scores of Amal and Bimal in an examination are in the ratio 11 : 14. After an appeal, their scores increase by the same amount and their new scores are in the ratio 47 : 56. The ratio of Bimal’s new score to that of his original score is


Let the score of Amal and Bimal be 11k and 14k
Let the scores be increased by x
So, after increment, Amal's score =  11k + x and Bimal's score = 14k + x
According to the question,
$$\dfrac{\text{11k + x}}{\text{14k + x}}$$ = $$\dfrac{47}{56}$$
On solving, we get x = $$\dfrac{42}{9}$$k
Ratio of Bimal's new score to his original score

= $$\dfrac{\text{14k + x}}{\text{14k}}$$

=$$\dfrac{14k +\frac{42k}{9}}{14k}$$



Hence, option A is the correct answer.

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