Question 71

In May, John bought the same amount of rice and the same amount of wheat as he had bought in April, but spent ₹ 150 more due to price increase of rice and wheat by 20% and 12%, respectively. If John had spent ₹ 450 on rice in April, then how much did he spend on wheat in May?


Let John buy "m" kg of rice and "p" kg of wheat.

Now let the price of rice be "r" in April. Price in May will be "1.2(r)"

Now let the price of wheat be "w" in April . Price in April will be "1.12(w)".

Now he spent ₹150 more in May , so 0.2(rm)+0.12(wp)=150

Its also given that he had spent ₹450 on rice in April. So (rm)=450 

So 0.2(rm)= (0.2)(450)=90 Substituting we get (wp)=60/0.12 or (wp)=500

Amount spent on wheat in May will be 1.12(500)=₹560

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