Question 66

Anil buys 12 toys and labels each with the same selling price. He sells 8 toys initially at 20% discount on the labeled price. Then he sells the remaining 4 toys at an additional 25% discount on the discounted price. Thus, he gets a total of Rs 2112, and makes a 10% profit. With no discounts, his percentage of profit would have been


Let the CP of the each toy be "x". CP of 12 toys will be "12x". Now the shopkeeper made a 10% profit on CP. This means that 

12x(1.1)= 2112 or x=160 . Hence the CP of each toy is ₹160.

Now let the SP of each toy be "m". Now he sold 8 toys at 20% discount. This means that 8m(0.8) or 6.4m

He sold 4 toys at an additional 25% discount. 4m(0.8)(0.75)=2.4m  Now 6.4m+2.4m=8.8m=2112 or m=240

Hence CP= 160 and SP=240. Hence profit percentage is 50%.

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