Question 64

Two circular tracks T1 and T2 of radii 100 m and 20 m, respectively touch at a point A. Starting from A at the same time, Ram and Rahim are walking on track T1 and track T2 at speeds 15 km/hr and 5 km/hr respectively. The number of full rounds that Ram will make before he meets Rahim again for the first time is


To complete one round Ram takes 100m/15kmph and Rahim takes 20m/5kmph

They meet for the first time after L.C.M of (100m/15kmph , 20m/5kmph) = 100m/5kmph=20m/kmph.

Distance traveled by Ram =20m/kmph * 15kmph =300m.

So, he must have ran 300/100=3 rounds.


CAT gave both 2 and 3 as correct answers because of the word 'before'. 

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