Question 63

A and B are two points on a straight line. Ram runs from A to B while Rahim runs from B to A. After crossing each other. Ram and Rahim reach their destination in one minute and four minutes, respectively. if they start at the same time, then the ratio of Ram's speed to Rahim's speed is


Let the speed of Ram be v(r) and the speed of Rahim be v(h) respectively. Let them meet after time "t" from the beginning.

Hence Ram will cover v(r)(t) during that time and Rahim will cover v(h)t respectively.

Now after meeting Ram reaches his destination in 1 min i.e. Ram covered v(h)t in 1 minute or v(r)(1)= v(h)(t)

Similarly Rahim reaches his destination in 4 min i.e. Rahim covered v(r)t in 4 minutes or v(h)(4)= v(r)(t)

Dividing both the equations we get $$\frac{v\left(r\right)}{4v\left(h\right)}=\frac{v\left(h\right)}{v\left(r\right)}\ or\ \frac{v\left(r\right)}{v\left(h\right)}=2$$ Hence the ratio is 2.

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