Question 63

The strength of an indigo solution in percentage is equal to the amount of indigo in grams per 100 cc of water. Two 800 cc bottles are filled with indigo solutions of strengths 33% and 17%, respectively. A part of the solution from the first bottle is thrown away and replaced by an equal volume of the solution from the second bottle. If the strength of the indigo solution in the first bottle has now changed to 21% then the volume, in cc, of the solution left in the second bottle is

Correct Answer: 200


Let Bottle A have an indigo solution of strength 33% while Bottle B have an indigo solution of strength 17%.

The ratio in which we mix these two solutions to obtain a resultant solution of strength 21% : $$\frac{A}{B}=\frac{21-17}{33-21}=\frac{4}{12}or\ \frac{1}{3}$$

Hence, three parts of the solution from Bottle B is mixed with one part of the solution from Bottle A. For this process to happen, we need to displace 600 cc of solution from Bottle A and replace it with 600 cc of solution from Bottle B {since both bottles have 800 cc, three parts of this volume = 600cc}.As a result, 200 cc of the solution remains in Bottle B.

Hence, the correct answer is 200 cc.  

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