Question 60

The value of $$\log_{a}({\frac{a}{b}})+\log_{b}({\frac{b}{a}})$$, for $$1<a\leq b$$ cannot be equal to


On expanding the expression we get $$1-\log_ab+1-\log_ba$$

$$or\ 2-\left(\log_ab+\frac{1}{\log_ba}\right)$$

Now applying the property of AM>=GM, we get that  $$\frac{\left(\log_ab+\frac{1}{\log_ba}\right)}{2}\ge1\ or\ \left(\log_ab+\frac{1}{\log_ba}\right)\ge2$$ Hence from here we can conclude that the expression will always be equal to 0 or less than 0. Hence any positive value is not possible. So 1 is not possible.

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