Question 61

Students in a college have to choose at least two subjects from chemistry, mathematics and physics. The number of students choosing all three subjects is 18, choosing mathematics as one of their subjects is 23 and choosing physics as one of their subjects is 25. The smallest possible number of students who could choose chemistry as one of their subjects is


Now 23 students choose maths as one of their subject.

This means (MPC)+ (MC) + (PC)=23 where MPC denotes students who choose all the three subjects maths, physics and chemistry and so on.

So MC + PM =5 Similarly we have PC+ MP =7 

We have to find the smallest number of students choosing chemistry

For that in the first equation let PM=5 and MC=0. In the second equation this PC=2

Hence minimum number of students choosing chemistry will be (18+2)=20 Since 18 students chose all the three subjects.

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