Question 60

A container has 40 liters of milk. Then, 4 liters are removed from the container and replaced with 4 liters of water. This process of replacing 4 liters of the liquid in the container with an equal volume of water is continued repeatedly. The smallest number of times of doing this process, after which the volume of milk in the container becomes less than that of water, is

Correct Answer: 7


Let's assume that after n iteration, the volume of the milk will be less than 50%, which is less than 20 liters.

Initially, the amount of milk is 40 liters, after the first iteration, the volume of milk is$$40\cdot\frac{9}{10}$$

After the second iteration, the volume of milk is $$40\times\left(\frac{9}{10}\right)^{^2}$$

Similarly, after the n iterations, the volume of milk is $$40\times\left(\frac{9}{10}\right)^{^n}$$


$$40\times\left(\frac{9}{10}\right)^{^n}\ \le\ 20$$

=> $$\left(\frac{9}{10}\right)^{^n}\ \le\ \frac{1}{2}$$

=> $$n\ge\ 7$$

Hence, the correct answer is 7

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